SpeakUP Public Community Consultation Software

Platform Key Features

Unlimited consultations, on unlimited issues, at unlimited locations

SpeakUP allows you to publish and manage engaging public consultations, create surveys, view survey responses, create reports and graphs, mediate questions and ideas and much more.

Community Surveys

Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way. Use images to make questions engaging. Tag responses for deeper survey analysis.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Our reports allow you to share reports and graphs backed by in depth analytics. Custom report options allow you to look into more granular issues.

Contextual Reporting

Being able to assess comments on specific consultations ensures better understanding of the submitters thoughts. Free text allows for context and relevance and a much necessary addition to the simple one-click answer.

The ability to use quotes from a member in a report also adds transparency to the process as well as extra ‘ownership’ and ’empowerment’ to the submitter.

Reach Specific User Groups

Instantly expose your consultations to a willing participant pool. From the date of your website is launched your database is populated with invaluable data from members willing to participate in consultations and surveys.

Instant Reporting

SpeakUP provides valuable and extensive stakeholder insights through reports created at the click of a button. It includes survey and real time statistical tools for comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

Modern & Responsive Design

SpeakUP is built using responsive technology which allows it to work and be viewed seamlessly across all types of devices.


SpeakUP can be adapted for policy and strategy development, change management, customer experience, human resources, employee consultation, and much more

Hosted solution

The SpeakUP hosted solution provides managed hosting environment with all technical support, bandwidth, daily back-ups, database maintenance, technical support and latest upgrades and releases. No hidden, extra or upgrade fees.

Focus on engagement, leave the technology to us

Free up your time and focus on what your team does best - communications. Free up team members and resources from managing vendors, maintaining hardware, operating systems, software upgrades, website hosting and databases.

Branding it your own

Reinforce your organisation's brand by customising key elements of the SpeakUP platform with your own by branding.

Cloud based

As long as you have internet, you can access SpeakUP from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Create consultations, export reports, view survey results, create graphs, add entries or make notes on stakeholder records, and much more.

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