SpeakUP has been developed to help make decisions based on cleverly gathered data and user-friendly reporting tools.

All governments and organisations, large or small, can benefit from using SpeakUP when consulting communities and stakeholders.​​

Let the data do the talking

SpeakUP allows you to share reports and graphs backed by in-depth analytics. Custom report options also allow you to look into more granular data.

One Integrated Solution

Having everything in one integrated system makes data assessment and reporting easy. The SpeakUP Consultation Builder has all the fields you need to enter to create comprehensive and informative consultation pages. Our Builder has a simple and focused user interface, making it easy to use for everyone.


No more budget blowouts on IT infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and software updates. The SpeakUP Hosted Solution provides fixed upfront costs. This provides huge savings compared to self-hosted solutions.

True engagement

Our user-friendly and intuitive tools allow even inexperienced users to easily create attractive and engaging consultations. The ability to effortlessly publish consultations and surveys ensures easy feedback collection and data aggregation. We have transformed what has historically been a cumbersome and complicated process into something seamless and largely automated.

Fully customisable

SpeakUP can be customised to suit any industry. From registration fields, metadata, surveys to unique branding. We can customise the SpeakUP platform to suit your needs.

Personalised training

SpeakUP is built to be intuitive and user-friendly. All training is facilitated through our personalised support team and is included in all our solutions.

Need a demo?

Email us today and we will organise a time to guide you through the SpeakUP platform.


Get a personalised demo

Get a personalised demo​

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"What better than to have a whole community thinking about the outcome of a project? And who better to own the decision than the people who live and interact with the local landscape every day of their lives?"