Stakeholder engagement solutions for the mining and resources sector.

Building trust through engagement

It's the Quicker way

Building trust through engagement is our primary objective. We establish transparent and meaningful community consultations through cloud-based solutions, tailored for the mining and resources sector.

Mining and Resources Stakeholder Engagement Software Platform

We make stakeholder engagement easier. reportable. simple. intentional. reliable. worth it. quicker!

Quicker Engagement enhances conventional consultation and engagement techniques within the mining and resources sector, significantly boosting both capacity and efficiency.

Participant Database

Maintain an up-to-date overview of your stakeholder database while also possessing comprehensive knowledge of each stakeholder, including a deep understanding of their online activities.


Generate surveys, reports, and graphs effortlessly with a few simple clicks. Tailored survey reporting enables you to delve deeper into specific, detailed issues.

Reporting & Analysis

Sort through your data, delving further into localized concerns, providing you with the capability to tackle specific challenges at a hyper-local level.

Stakeholder management

Obtain valuable insights into the timing, methods, and content of individual stakeholders' contributions during consultations. 


Every consultation comes equipped with its own dedicated discussion and question segment, fostering active participation from your stakeholders by encouraging them to share their insights on addressing a range of issues.


Quicker Engagement also allows for traditional, in-person interactions. Enable your stakeholders to confirm their attendance to meetings. Know who is attending and what they think beforehand.


Allocate consultation managers to each project allowing them to have a full control and overview of the engagement process.


Quicker Engagement seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, providing you with a variety of valuable insights and reports.

Tools designed to enhance your engagement

The Consultation Builder provides you with a complete toolkit for crafting comprehensive and informative consultation and engagement pages.

Our seamlessly integrated platform simplifies the collection, assessment, and reporting processes, turning what used to be a challenging and complex task into a smooth and largely automated experience.

Mining and Resources Stakeholder Engagement Software Platform

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