Easily create reports on consultations, stakeholders, communications issues, problem areas, and more

Delve into your data

Powerful insight into platform performance and success, from high-level usage statistics to identifying issues and areas for improvement.

Fast and Easy Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Reporting

Transparency is key

  • Integrated geolocation data allows to track areas of concern or other features
  • Export beautiful graphs showing in-depth analytics,
  • Study a stakeholder’s profile and engagement history before meetings

SpeakUP presents a clear picture of your consultation

  • Create reports that identify issues
  • Compare feedback with previous data and track your consultation progress
  • Share stakeholder and consultation reports with your team and contractors
  • Have an in-depth view of individuals cases in your consultation

Report on consultations

  • Create consultation reports that illustrate consultation progress
  • Identify problems before they become major issues
  • Save report types through using our customised filters

Geolocation data

Identify consultation hotspot areas using maps and address communication  issues. View stakeholder locations and areas of concern and export and share geospatial PDFs.

Access from anywhere, anytime

SpeakUP is cloud based so it provides easy access to reports and stakeholder information from anywhere, anytime. View and export consultation reports, track issues and make notes on the fly.