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Privacy & Security

Server & Security Management

We only use enterprise grade Dell EMC servers and Data Centre infrastructure. This means the platform servers offer higher uptime, performance and dependability. The Sydney Data Centre utilises dual transit links and up 8 peering partners for supreme connectivity across Australia and around the world.

  • Australia Tier 3 Data Centre (APDC)
  • Certified Secure Data Centres with ISO 27001 Security Certification
  • Redundant Networks and Networking Infrastructure
  • Data Centre grade Dell EMC servers and Intel processors
  • Environmentally Friendly Data Centre with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation
  • 99.9% Uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Dual transit links including NTT and Vocus providing extreme network throughput.
  • Up to 8 peering partners including Pipe, CloudFlare, Microsoft, Megaport and AWS.
  • N+1 Data Centre Redundancy providing a resilient and enterprise-ready hosting environment.
ISO 27001 certification - Stakeholder engagement and consultation for the mining and resources sector


Certified Secure Data Centres with ISO 27001 Security Certification

We understand that trust is crucial in our business and for that reason we are fully committed to ensuring your privacy remains exactly that, private. We ensure that all your private details are kept safe behind firewalls and SSL encryption. You guarantee that collected information will never be viewed by any other third party. 

Privacy Compliance

Quicker respects the right to privacy under the Privacy Act and complies with Privacy Act requirements in relation to the collection and management of personal information.

We collect personal information that is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, survey and reporting functions. Quicker will only use and disclose personal information for the purpose it was collected and in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Data Ownership

Our clients own all their data collected through our platform. We only provide the service of data collection.

Information Security

We have been handling clients data since 2007, and have security measures in place to ensure your content is safe behind firewalls and SSL encryption.

Data storage

Data storage location is dependent on the clients choice . Quicker provides hosting in secure data-centers in Australia, USA and UK.

Mining and Resources Stakeholder Engagement Software Platform

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