Engage Features


Engage Platform Features

Dedicated Profile

Every user has their own dedicated and editable profile.

Instant Messaging

Spark instant interactions with co-workers – private, secure, easy.

People Directory

People Directory sits at the heart of your intranet, bringing together your employees.

Groups & Communities

Simplify group collaboration by providing a single platform for employees to create and engage.


Tap into your employees’ knowledge, expertise and ideas through your intranet. undraw_operating_system_4lr6

Platform Features

Content Management

Rich editing tools and cloud storage solutions. All your organisation’s content accessible from one place.

Events & Calendars

Make your intranet the go-to place to discover and manage events/meetings across your whole organisation.


Create engaging and attractive intranet homepages by displaying a mix of information.


Reinforce your internal brand with customisable fonts, colours and widgets.

Workflow & Forms

Create online forms and streamline business processes in minutes, saving valuable employee time and improving information accuracy. undraw_programming_2svr

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Unite your organisation

Because Engage is a cloud based intranet platform, it’s easy to unite your business  – it can be accessed from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It can be accessed using any computer, tablet or smartphone. No downloads necessary.

Engage enables your workforce to work together and the array of tools available encourage employees to instinctively innovate, transforming your intranet platform from a static notice board into a dynamic results driven tool.

One platform, one workplace

Unlike traditional intranets, Engage is much more than just an information repository. It’s a platform where your employees have direct access to dynamic communication tools, collaboration tools, feedback mechanisms, task management and knowledge sharing.

Engagement and retention

Engaged employees are more productive and remain in the business for longer. Engage helps you build a workplace with the flexibility needed to bring out the best in your staff.


Interest groups, surveys, forums, social sharing and blogs are just some of the tools in Engage that can help you to do this. These can be easily set up within the software, with little consultancy or training required.

Document sharing

Engage enables you to securely share with other members, safely storing them in the cloud.  It provides a centralised, single-source of truth for business documentation.

Document sharing

Create specific groups and securely share, manage and discuss reports, minutes, issues and key actions between group members.

Collaborate and innovate

Engage is where content is not just published, it is socialised. Company documents and resources come alive and are used uniformly throughout your organisation.

It provides the online collaboration tools to create and promote content, communicate and involve the whole workforce or selected groups.

Communities of interest

Encourage your staff to share and get involved with less formal activities, such as fundraisers, events, and non-business related discussions and activities.