Warragamba Dam proposal: ‘We deserve so much better,’ Indigenous groups say

About 100 people heard about an “inadequate and rushed cultural heritage assessment” for the Warragamba Dam proposal at a public meeting in Faulconbridge on August 16.
The meeting was organised by Blue Mountains and Wollondilly councils, and gave Indigenous groups a chance to express their concerns publicly about the 14m dam wall raising.
Gundungurra woman and Warragamba resident Kazan Brown said the consultation to date was the furthest thing from “robust community consultation” she had ever experienced.
“Frankly it’s gobsmacking. The only people who aren’t consulting us properly about this are the ones that want to raise the dam. They didn’t even bother turning up to listen to us,” she said.
“The NSW government want to destroy the most important part of our dreaming story, and they are standing there with fingers in their ears. The consultation to date has been highly secretive and completely inadequate. We deserve so much better as the traditional custodians of this land.”

The mayors of both councils had invited the director of strategic water planning at Infrastructure NSW, Maree Abood, to attend the community consultation event to hear concerns from the community about the cultural heritage assessment.

The meeting’s organisers have called on the NSW government to give Traditional Owners more time to understand and respond to the report.

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