SpeakUP is much more than just a survey platform – you can create highly effective public consultations with user-friendly tools designed to communicate and engage – calling for participation and meaningful discussion. SpeakUP is a fast, easy and effective way to conduct consultations and include communities in the decision-making process. It is designed to get real feedback and truly engage communities on issues that affect them.


Unlimited consultations, on unlimited issues, at unlimited locations


More than just surveys

Create highly engaging public consultations. Because SpeakUP is much more than just surveys, it provides tools to communicate and engage – calling for participation and discussion.


Cloud Based

Being cloud based means there is no need for software installation. As long as there is internet, it can be accessed anywhere, on any computer, tablet or mobile. Secured with SSL Encryption and firewalls for your peace-of-mind.


Data Management

We have been handling client data since 2007, and have security measures in place to ensure information is safe behind firewalls and SSL encryption. All our clients own their data collected through SpeakUP. What we do is simply provide the service for data collection and reporting.

Community Surveys

Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way. You can use images to make question options more engaging and visual.

Out of the box reporting

SpeakUP allow you to create survey reports and graphs with a click of a button. Custom survey reporting features using meta fields will allow you to look into more granular issues.

Consultation Toolbox

SpeakUP comes with a default set of consultation tools to enable fast and effective public consultations. Governments and organisations can benefit greatly from this toolbox when conducting their stakeholder engagement and consultation programs.

Filtering data

GeoLocation embedded into surveys offer a clever insight into the location and density of the participants pool. Track engagements by their locations, demographics, and many other filters.

Stakeholder Insights

Our platform will give you in-depth insight into how the community is reacting to your project proposals. Interaction tools and surveys gathering essential data with have you well prepared for local meetings.

Localised reactions

SpeakUP allows you to filter through data digging deeper into localised issues giving you the ability to deal with issues on a very local level.

Insights backed by analytics

Our survey and polling systems provide instant analytics. Create a report with a click of a button and easily assess reactions and acceptance levels from your stakeholders.

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