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Create highly effective stakeholder consultations in the mining and resources sector with user-friendly tools designed to communicate and engage – calling for true participation and transparent discussion.

Quicker Queensland - Government stakeholder engagement and community consultation software

Our core values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity are upheld in each key stage of stakeholder engagements. The information below highlights how Quicker enhances these key areas.

Sharing Information

Ensure the stakeholders are informed and kept updated using appropriate and user-friendly communication tools.

Clear information
Reach and availability

Data collection

Gather data and feedback from your stakeholders using a variety of online tools

Open participation
Privacy and security

Decision making

Informative (Content up) Preparatory (Open for feedback on information) Decision-making (Surveys/Meetings)

Clear information

Begin by introducing the project and its scale using established communication channels. Encourage residents and stakeholders to contribute their ideas and transform them into practical proposals. Subsequently, the public participates in voting on these proposals, and once the planners reveal the voting outcomes, they proceed with implementation.

Stakeholder engagement designed for the mining and resources sector


We provide a transparent and easily accessible channel for sharing information and updates with stakeholders, fostering trust and reducing misunderstandings.


We enable streamlined communication ensuring quicker responses to stakeholder inquiries, feedback, and concerns, improving overall engagement.

Cost Savings

We reduce the costs associated with traditional methods like in-person meetings, travel, and printing materials.


We are accessible 24/7, allowing stakeholders to engage at their convenience, regardless of geographical location.

Data Collection and Analysis

We facilitate the collection of valuable stakeholder data, which can be analyzed to gain insights, track sentiment, and make informed decisions.


We ensur stakeholders receive consistent and up-to-date information about the project, reducing misinformation and conflicts.

Remote Engagement

We facilitate engagement with stakeholders who may be unable to attend physical meetings, expanding the reach of the engagement process.


We help reduce the environmental impact associated with physical meetings, aligning with sustainability goals.


We can accommodate a large number of stakeholders, making it easier to engage with diverse groups of people.


We provide a digital record of interactions, which are imperative for compliance, reporting, and future reference.

Enhanced Feedback

We facilitate structured feedback collection, making it easier to analyze and act upon stakeholder input.

Real-time Updates

Stakeholders can receive real-time updates on project developments and safety information, improving their understanding of ongoing operations.

So why choose Quicker?

Successful stakeholder engagement examples in the mining sector

These diverse examples showcase how stakeholder engagement practices in the mining industry can vary based on location and specific circumstances. However, they all emphasize the importance of collaboration, responsible mining practices, and agreements that support local communities and the environment.


Around the world

Many tools make light work

Transform what has historically been a cumbersome and complicated process into a seamless and largely automated one.

Stakeholder engagement that's transparent private accessible actionable


Quicker goes beyond mere surveys, offering a suite of communication and engagement tools to actively encourage participation and foster meaningful discussions.

It's your data

The stakeholders belong to you, and you have full ownership of the data gathered via our platform. We offer reporting, analysis, and exporting capabilities for all your data.

Accessible anywhere

As long as there is internet, it can be accessed anywhere on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Good for your team, great for your community.


Combined with our complete consultation toolbox, you can create a report with a click of a button and easily assess reactions and acceptance levels from your stakeholders.

Data security

Information Security

We have been handling client data for almost 2 decades, and have security measures in place to ensure your content is safe behind firewalls and SSL encryption.

Privacy Compliance

Privacy Policy page lets you clearly inform respondents how their data will be handled.

Data Ownership & Storage

You own all data collected through our system. We only provide the service of data collection.

Data storage location

Data storage location is dependent on the clients choice . Quicker provides hosting in secure data-centers in Australia, USA and UK.


Trained staff

All our staff are trained to answer any queries you may have and provide thorough responses. They will work along side you at every step pf the setup process and provide you with valuable insights.

Ticketing systems

We provide a powerful ticketing system which will keep track of all enquiries


We provide an extensive Knowledge Base of our products and this is available 24/7.

Cross compatibility

Our platforms support all standards-compliant web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer version 11 or later.

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