Empowering decision-making through integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Quicker Engagement & Communication

We are a dynamic and innovative startup proudly based in the vibrant heart of Queensland, Brisbane. Our passion lies in redefining the way people connect and engage online, and we’re focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform the way communities come together.

We view community engagement as more than a mere regulatory obligation; we see it as an ethical commitment to giving back to the communities that play a vital role in their operations. These communities often provide not only the resources necessary for mining but also the labor force, infrastructure, and the social fabric that sustains the industry.

Mining and Resources Stakeholder Engagement Software Platform


We emphasise honesty, ethics, and transparency in all aspects of your operations. This means fostering trust among stakeholders and ensuring that information is accurate and reliable, allowing for decisions to be based on a solid foundation of trustworthiness.


Our approach to decision-making involves embracing cutting-edge technologies and creative thinking. We continuously seek new and better ways to gather data, analyse information, and present insights, enabling more effective and forward-thinking decision-making.


We recognise the importance of diversity and inclusivity in decision-making. We actively involve a wide range of voices and perspectives, ensuring that decisions are well-rounded and reflective of the broader community or organisation.

Local Roots, Global Reach

While we call Queensland home, our vision extends far beyond its borders. We're equipped to serve clients not only in Queensland but across Australia and around the world, connecting people regardless of their geographic location.

Enabling eDemocracy

We leverage digital technology to enhance transparency, engage citizens, and ensure accountability in decision-making. Our services enable convenient civic participation, break down geographical barriers, and create more responsive and inclusive systems.

Communication is the answer

We understand the pivotal role that effective online communication plays in today's world. Whether you're an organisation looking to deepen customer relationships, a local community striving for greater cohesion, or a business seeking to amplify its impact, we have the solutions you need.

Communities deserve engagement

We are deeply committed to fostering a sense of community. Through our innovative platforms and engagement strategies, we empower organizations, municipalities, and local groups to strengthen their bonds, share ideas, and collaborate effortlessly.

Data security

Information Security

We have been handling client data for almost 2 decades, and have security measures in place to ensure your content is safe behind firewalls and SSL encryption.

Privacy Compliance

Privacy Policy page lets you clearly inform respondents how their data will be handled.

Data Ownership & Storage

You own all data collected through our system. We only provide the service of data collection.

Data storage location

Data storage location is dependent on the clients choice . Quicker provides hosting in secure data-centers in Australia, USA and UK.


Trained staff

All our staff are trained to answer any queries you may have and provide thorough responses. They will work along side you at every step pf the setup process and provide you with valuable insights.

Ticketing systems

We provide a powerful ticketing system which will keep track of all enquiries


We provide an extensive Knowledge Base of our products and this is available 24/7.

Cross compatibility

Our platforms support all standards-compliant web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer version 11 or later.

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Mining and Resources Stakeholder Engagement Software Platform

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