Nissan takes position in e.dams

Nissan has just announced that it has acquired a stake in e.dams, a championship-winning organization, thus reinforcing its commitment to the FIA ​​Formula E ABB electric-urban competition before the company’s debut in this competition. By joining Formula E, Nissan – the world leader in electric cars with more than 350,000 Nissan LEAFs sold – becomes the first Japanese automaker to participate in this groundbreaking series.
Nissan’s Formula E program will demonstrate a new “performance facet” of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility – the company’s vision to change the way automobiles are fueled, driven and integrated into society.
Headquartered in Le Mans, France, co-founded by Jean-Paul Driot, the e-dams organization has emerged from DAMS, a leading company for more than 30 years in the European single-seater sports car competition. In its previous partnership with Renault, Nissan Alliance partner, eDams won the Team Championship in the first three seasons of Formula E. It also holds the highest number of victories and pole positions.
“For Nissan’s first Formula E experience, it makes sense to partner with e-dams to leverage the experience of this organization to achieve victories, races and championships,” said Roel de Vries, Executive Vice President and Nissan’s Global Marketing and Brand Strategy Director, that “the level of competition in Formula E will be even more intense in the fifth season with a new car and powertrain, purposely designed for the series.”
For his part, Jean-Paul Driot commented: “With our new partner Nissan, we look forward to the new challenges ahead. We are very proud of our Formula E history and look forward to writing new pages in the series’ history book, our new partner and the new car. ”
Nissan and e-dams have already begun testing the new Formula One car, the “Gen2”, which provides more power and autonomy and eliminates the need to change cars mid-way, which was a feature of Formula E in the first four seasons.

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