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Techeetah to “move up to another level” after partnership with DS

Techeetah will rise to “another level” through its partnership with DS Automobiles in Formula E next season.
According to director Ivan Yim, after the announcement that Techeetah will partner with the registered manufacturer DS – in a multi-year agreement – the combination will lead the team to success.

“They (DS) have all the right technical attributes we’ve been looking for and we’re going to be delighted to move up another level,” Yim told e-racing365.

“The powertrain has already proven to be fast and we know what we can contribute to some successful campaigns because as we have seen this season we are a competitive proposition as a team of customers.”
Leo Thomas, technical chief of Techeetah, says he believes that the partnership with DS will help the team also rise to a new technical level.

“Now we have some tests and the resources of DS, it’s an exciting time for the team. We share a good knowledge of Formula E, I think this will be an exciting time for engineers with a new car and powertrain, “said Techeetah’s chief technician.

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