Mahindra introduces Gen 2 to the public in the UK

Mahindra introduces Gen 2 to the public in the UK

Mahindra Racing’s fifth-season Mahindra Racing car debuted in the UK last Friday with development rider Sam Dejonghe at the wheel.

Followed by looks from a crowd, the Gen 2 car was on the track at the ‘South CarFest Festival’, stirring up viewers of all ages.

The M5Electro has almost twice the power storage capacity and double the reach of last season’s M4Electro.
The fifth season will mark the first in Formula E history in which cars can complete the race without having to make a mandatory car exchange. The Gen 2 car will be used in the next three seasons, before a new advance can occur.

CarFest is a creation of the BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans. Featuring an incredible combination of cars, food, live music and family entertainment, the weekend’s inaugural event was held in August 2012, and 11 other festivals followed the lifting of a total of 10.5 million pounds for the ‘ BBC Children in Need ‘.

“The entire Mahindra Racing team has been working hard for many months developing the M5Electro, so it’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to show the result of the work (so far!) To the British public,” said team boss Dilbagh Gill.

“CarFest is also a great way to introduce the excitement of Formula E to new fans, and we hope everyone will enjoy seeing a Gen2 car in the UK for the first time.”

“It was a blast driving M5Electro at CarFest,” Dejonghe said.

“As a driver, it’s always a lot of fun to do these kinds of events and see the reactions of Formula E fans. Also from those who have never seen a Formula One car before.”

Mahindra Racing was at the CarFest South Festival held at Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire, over the weekend and went to the track twice during the weekend, giving fans many opportunities to witness this impressive car.
The race team will continue testing the M5Electro in a series of private events before heading to Valencia on October 16 for the preseason tests.

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