City of Bern favorite to replace E-Prix in Zurich

The Zurich E-Prix should be postponed and replaced by the Swiss capital of Bern in 2019 due to a conflict of events in the city.

The Zurich Festival, which takes place every three years, can cause a change in the Swiss stage by 2020. Bern, Switzerland’s fourth largest city and capital, is leading the way to replace the round with promoters ready to present the layouts of a possible race later this week.

“Unfortunately, it was not possible to find alternative dates that worked for both the city of Zurich and our calendar of events in 2019, but we are still talking about a possible return in 2020,” a Formula One spokesman told e- racing365 ‘.

“The Zurich E-Prix in June proved to be a huge success both nationally and internationally, seeing great participation on all fronts of various stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and the media.

“This has also sparked the interest of other cities in the country and our promoter is leading a series of discussions to look at alternatives for next season.”
According to the publication ‘e-racing365’ a permission to return the event to Zurich, on 8 and 9 June 2020, was agreed in principle. The FA worked with the city authorities to find a solution to the coinciding events in 2019, although no alternative was found.

An update on the possible replacement for Zurich is scheduled for October ahead of the next World Motor Sport Council meeting in Paris.

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