Empower your community - Government community consultation tool

Your eDemocracy Tool

The 'Empower' platform allows communities to influence political processes and policy choices that affect them.

Manage your community and stakeholder engagement tasks

Using our stakeholder engagement tools is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways for governments and big corporations to conduct their stakeholder engagement and consultation programs.

Our instant charts and graphs offer quick and accurate assessments on stakeholder positionings, community engagement, project related issues, and much more.

Clear insight backed by analytics

GeoLocation embedded into our systems offer wonderful insight into the location and density of the participants pool. Track engagements by their locations, demographics, and many other features.

Our survey and polling systems provide instant analytics. Create report with a click of a button and use these to assess your community and stakeholder consultation process.

Know what your stakeholders are thinking

Our systems will give you indepth insight into how the community is reacting to your proposals. Gathering essential data with have you well prepared for your meetings.

Share and track project commitments and monitor progress through to eventual resolution

A sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a community can have.

The more people you have thinking about your proposition the better, the landscape should belong to the people who use it all the time

Document Management

Add attachments to project listings, contacts, issues, commitments, timelines and contractors. Easily produce reports with all attachments keeping records organized and intact.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Our reports allow you to share reports and graphs backed by in depth analytics. Custom report options allow you to look into more granular issues.

We enable our clients to empower their communities

We have developed and honed a powerful set of cloud based tools that enable governments and local councils
to effectively engage with and consult their local communities. Our systems comprehensively inform your community as well as provide a solid set of analytics and metrics tools