Mullumbimby Masterplan (MMP) released

The draft Mullumbimby Masterplan (MMP) has just been released and community members have already raised concerns. While there is much to applaud in the plan, there are questions about flooding and the plan’s guidance group.

Concerns over affordable housing in Byron Shire have driven much of the Mullumbimby Masterplan’s aims. It looks at extending residential zoning to the south of Mullumbimby and has incorporated significant elements from the current Draft Residential Strategy (DRS).

However, according to Dr Sonia Laverty of the Mullumbimby Residents Group (MRG), ‘The Mullumbimby Masterplan is certainly not an agreed document by the participants of the MMP group.’
MMP member Len Bates said, ‘When the masterplan group was reconvened after an 18-month hiatus, there were only around five community members from the original 17 on-board. They should have ensured that they re-engaged a wider range of community members.’

MMP chair Cr Basil Cameron disagrees, saying that ‘the group remained representative, especially considering that a different set of members attended each of these final meetings.’

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