Coastal Gippsland residents raise concerns about Star of the South, Australia’s largest wind farm

Residents of coastal Gippsland have raised concerns about Australia’s largest offshore wind farm proposal off the south-east coast of Victoria.
The Star of the South wind farm is 496 square kilometres and hopes to power almost a million homes — almost a fifth of Victoria’s electrical needs.
In March 2019, the Federal Government approved an exploration license <>to investigate possible sites for turbines, cabling and power transmission stations.
The company has begun community consultations in coastal towns across Gippsland as part of a more detailed investigation and feasibility study.
Woodside Beach resident Kosta Frans attended the Woodside consultation and told organisers he was worried about the rising cost of electricity.
“We needed it [wind power] 20 years ago, but the thing is, I’ve got friends in South Australia … they’ve got electricity bills that read like my mobile phone number,” he said.
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