Enabling governments to
empower their communities

We have developed and honed a powerful set of cloud based tools that enable governments and local councils to effectively engage with and consult their local communities. Our systems comprehensively inform your local community with all details planned works and projects, allowing them to provide ideas, feedback, concerns and questions.  It also provides a solid set as set of analytics and metrics tools to help governments quantify and qualify the received data.


Our tools allow local communities to voice opinions and concerns, provide feedback and even ideas. All through our non-invasive, user-friendly tools

Empower your community

An informed community is a happy community

Engage your team - intranet solutions
Empower your community - Government community consultation tool

State Governments and Local Councils

Empower your community by involving them in the decision-making process. Our Empower Platform allows local communities to voice opinions and concerns, provide feedback and even ideas. All through non-invasive systems and user-friendly tools. Our platform improves your stakeholder consultation efficiency and boosts community engagement.


Governments, local councils and contractors working on infrastructure projects such as construction, energy and transport effectively engage with the local community by using the target specific online tools. Our Empower Platform provides a multi-faceted avenue to gather important feedback and associated data with reports and interactive graphs.


Public sector bodies and private companies whose work affects the built and natural environment use our tools to run participation processes more effectively. Our digital platforms help them engage with multiple stakeholders, fulfil regulatory duties and gather input from wide ranges of people.


Public sector health organisations at every level use our tools to manage and run their involvement activity, online. These digital platforms bring convenience and coordination to otherwise complex tasks, making it easy for healthcare bodies to engage digitally with patients, the public and stakeholders.